Solving puzzles and riddles, finding keys, working together and making use of things you find in the room. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking away… How much time is there left? Will we get out in time? Tension is rising. Take the challenge and book a room at Escape Room Wageningen. You can start from 10 in the morning until 10 in the evening.

The game can be played in both Dutch and English. Our staff is also able to give instructions and hints in both languages.

You and your group (of friends, colleauges or family) are being locked up in one of the escape rooms. You have one hour to escape before bad things will happen…

In the escape room you will find objects that will help you find your escape route. By solving puzzles, thinking logically and working together you will get closer to your goal: escaping! Meanwhile, the escape room appears to have some surprises, special effects and secret doors. The escape room is an impressive and unique experience with a lot of adrenaline and excitement.

No, you don’t have to be very clever. The most important thing is that you like to solve puzzles. Things that will help escaping is creative thinking, looking around carefully and perseverance. Every team contains of different people with different qualities. One is good at finding things, one is a creative and another is a good leader. This is how you and your team will find your way to the escape. Are you stuck somewhere? The game master is watching you guys from the control room and will give a hint to help you out.

It is exciting, but not scary. You won’t get heart attacks, but there are some moments you will be surprised or maybe a bit scared. We don’t work with actors. In the end, it’s just a game.

The most important rule is that you cannot play the game while you’re tipsy or drunk. Furthermore, you are kindly asked to follow up directions from our staff. No refund is possible after being removed from the escape room ignoring these house rules.

It’s very safe to play this game. Before you start, we will give you clear instructions on how to play, what to do and what not to do. Multiple cameras have been installed to monitor your actions, eventually preventing you doing something wrong. There is an emergency button available, if you panic, get claustrophobic or if something happens with one of the players. The lights will go on and the game master will come to help you. Be warned, this also means the game will not be continued.

No, it’s not dangerous, as long as you follow up the instructions given by the staff. We strongly emphasize not to use any force while playing the game. This is not necessary to solve puzzles. You also don’t have to move or climb on any furniture.

The game takes max 1 hour. Within this hour you have to escape. You are expected ten minutes before the game starts, to get the instructions and to visit a toilet if necessary. At the end we can make a group photo. You can take a drink before and after the game.

If you don’t get out in time, nothing bad will happen to you. We will come and get you out, and help you explain what still had to be done.

A single escape room can be played by 3 to 7 people. The space is limited, with a bigger group it will be too crowded. We advice bigger groups to split up and play both escape rooms (at the same time, if possible).

Yes, of course. We sell coffee/tea (1 euro) and soda (1,50) at our bar.

No problem, as long as you’re with at least 3 and maximum 7 people per game.

You won’t get dirty and you don’t have to use any force while playing the game, so your regular clothes in which you can move easily, will be fine.

No, it’s not possible to go the toilet during the game. Only emergency situations allow you to exit the game.

You don’t have to walk a lot. If you’re walking with crutches, it’s still possible to play. Are you in a wheelchair? The escape room is unfortunately not suitable for you 🙁

We keep a minimum age of 14 years old. Mainly because of the difficulty of the puzzles. For younger people it is possible to play, as long as there is an adult to accompany them.

Both in front and behind our building, there are several parking places for free.

Go to http://9292.nl/en to find your connection to the escape room. Our address is Nude 28, Wageningen.

Yes, you can. Up to 24 hours before your game would start, you can cancel your reservation.