Additional activities

Are you coming with a large group or do you have some energy left after playing the Escape Room? We have an extra game for you!

Escape Room Wageningen offers an alternative that can be combined with visiting one of the escape rooms. This activitiycan be played while a part of your group is playing the escape room or before or after your group played the escape room.


DEADLINE: a nerve wrecking race against the clock, every second counts!

National Intelligence Service sends you a worrying message. A huge virus is about to enter all the Dutch computers. Your assignment is clear: you only have 60 minutes to disarm this virus. Collect information in order to be able to stop this from happening.

You will use modern technologies on your quest. Try to visit as many check-ins as you can to gain information. This will earn you assignments and time. Obtain as much information as you can. Are you using the right tactics to disarm the virus on time? Deadline challenges you!

Time: 60 min
Location: Area just outside the Escape Room