EXIT VR sends you and your team on a breath-taking adventure in virtual dimensions. Everyone from your team chooses a virtual character (avatar) before starting the mission „HUXLEY“. Overall you have 44 minutes to solve diversified puzzles which you will never find in a classic Live Escape Game. Exploring your surroundings works completely intuitively because all your movements are tracked by special sensors and transferred exactly onto your avatar.



3007 AD: The world, as you know it, is gone. Mankind was replaced by machines. What was once green, is now destroyed. You are the last, remaining survivors, with one mission: to help HUXLEY. With your first step into the virtual reality, you have 44 minutes to reverse the apocalypse.

Everything you need to succeed can be found within your team: Adrenaline, a fighting spirit and a desire to win.

Do you have what it takes to save the world?
Well, what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking!



Your adventure starts by putting on the VR-Glasses (HTC VIVE). This lets you dive into a 3-D world and you stand in the centre of a virtual environment. Then we hand you two controller with which you can move and use objects in the virtual world just like in reality. Two players stay together in they own area of 15sqm and can walk around freely.

Although they are spatially divided it is fundamental that they work together with their team. They can communicate via headset and even solve riddles together. Just like in a Live Escape Game!



In computer games, confusion may occur. Some of the players suffer from dizziness or nausea, the so-called “Motion Sickness.” We used a great deal of effort to eliminate all known sources of confusion, so the likelihood that Motion Sickness occurs is rather low Eg suffering from severe travel sickness, please be aware that there may be some discomfort.

Our game master is there to help you and give you hints. All puzzles are solvable and have had their feasibility proven. Nonetheless our puzzles are challenging. If you don’t solve the puzzles in time, we will show you why you failed the mission if desired.

If you are wearing spectacles, you can keep them, as long as they fit under the VR glasses. This is the case with most spectacle frames without drop shaped galsses. Alternatively contact lenses are recommended. People with light visual impairment do not need their own glasses. High heels and pinned-up hairstyles are not recommended!

The VR escape room can be played with 2 – 4 persons. Together you’re playing the same game.

The puzzles could be too difficult for people younger than 14 years. That is why we recommend a minimum age of 14. In our game there are no scenes with blood, violence or gun shots.